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JonZ is an intimate optimistic duo, created during a musical journey of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or.

On an isolated house on the Zamarin mountainside that rises above the Carmel mountains, they each begun writing alone. However, the desire for harmony and co-creation brought them to reassemble their lyrics and to integrate sounds and melodies into the beautiful songs we have today. Powerful yet gentle folk songs, wrapped in an electronic soft blanket. Driven by the desire to integrate arts, the passion to experience cultures and absorb different sounds, the path of life JonZ chooses is very dynamic. A path that allows them to develop an eclectic language, to build their home wherever they are; forming the guideline and the essence of the band.  

JonZ have performed in major festivals in Israel as well as in Europe (InDnegev, Haifa 100 live, Yearot Menashe, Colours of Ostrava, 3000grad). They toured South France (Rhône alpes) last winter, Germany and Czech Republic this past summer (Rosa Laub, Greenland) and have just been to Switzerland for the Songbird fest.

Over the past few years, a large, supportive audience has grown. Currently, there are tens of thousands of youtube views of their songs. The song Moving that was recorded on their home has more than 71,000 views. The live band session of the song Happiness has about 28,000 views. This supportive community of people is what made the Head-start project for their debut album a success.

After recording their first live E.P. in the Ada hills, JonZ have just recorded their debut album 'Solid Wind' in Tel-Aviv, produced by Ori Winikor. The album is a collaboration of many great Israeli musicians and will be released this upcoming March. An album release show will take place in "The Zone" club on March 22nd, along with special guest artists.

In January 2018 the first single I’m the one was released. The video clip was filmed and directed by the couple themselves and is full of joy, optimism and hope. Their unique voices along with a beautiful, optimistic melody is what makes this song so memorable. From the editors of 88 ‘Kan’, leading Israeli radio station: “JonZ – I’m The One (Solid Wind); Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or are a loving couple that live and create together in a small isolated home on the Zamarin mountain top in the North of Israel. Their songs are influenced from their life style and are accompanied in artistic video clips that they create themselves. Their debut album, produced by Ori Winikor (Asaf Avidan, Kululush) will be released this upcoming March.”

Their next single Walking Down, written nearly a decade ago, addresses the quest for freedom. Freedom from restrictive conventions, from frameworks. The question in the song "Would you like to go with me?" Appeals to all - to anyone who would like to join and do something good together - completely free, simple and detached from self-judgment.

JonZ will be on an extended tour in Europe this upcoming summer (2018), performing at festivals and venues in Italy, Lithuania, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

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